How to Master Packing in Just 5 Minutes

Packing necessities for your trip away can be an arduous task, especially if you have various stop overs. We have some quick and simple tips for you in order to master the skill that is packing.

Infographic from Frayed Passport

  • Pack lightweight clothing that you can layer under other items
  • Go for basic pieces that can be matched with a few statement pieces
  • Roll your clothing, don’t pack them flat as it will take up less space
  • Zip lock bags can be used to store liquids and also separate items
  • Buy a light suitcase
  • Pack a light scarf to keep you warm and stylish
  • Pack light items inside out so as to avoid spills
  • Pack lip balm, it can also be used as a moisturizer
  • Use the straps on the inside of your bag. It irons out your clothing
  • Leave some space for things you might buy on holiday

This short, but helpful list will go a long way in helping you pack lightly and make the most of your wardrobe whilst away.