Top Cities

This is the corner where you can find our top three city picks of the week. Check out our latest top places you need to visit ASAP!


Get into the Lion King spirit and walk into the wilderness. Get close and personal with wild cats, hippos, elephants and all the glorious creatures of the animal kingdom found in Nairobi. You can also take a hot air balloon ride over the savannahs whilst taking in the breathtaking views at dawn.


For you hard-core Game of Thrones fans this is the destination for you.  Take the tour and see where everything was filmed and make sure to grab a Mediterranean fresh feast of some of the best fish dishes on offer this side of the globe. Be sure to take a walk around the ancient city walls as the sun sets or chill out on the magnificent beaches on offer.


The towering cathedrals and glorious shopping avenues will take you on a wild adventure. Taste the local beer, but make sure to put your little glass placemats on top of your glass when you’ve had enough or else the drinks will just keep on coming. Also be sure to check out all the auto museums for a history lesson in your favourite four wheeled accessories.