How to Master Packing in Just 5 Minutes

Packing necessities for your trip away can be an arduous task, especially if you have various stop overs. We have some quick and simple tips for you in order to master the skill that is packing.

Infographic from Frayed Passport

  • Pack lightweight clothing that you can layer under other items
  • Go for basic pieces that can be matched with a few statement pieces
  • Roll your clothing, don’t pack them flat as it will take up less space
  • Zip lock bags can be used to store liquids and also separate items
  • Buy a light suitcase
  • Pack a light scarf to keep you warm and stylish
  • Pack light items inside out so as to avoid spills
  • Pack lip balm, it can also be used as a moisturizer
  • Use the straps on the inside of your bag. It irons out your clothing
  • Leave some space for things you might buy on holiday

This short, but helpful list will go a long way in helping you pack lightly and make the most of your wardrobe whilst away.

10 Tricks You Should Know About How to Travel On a Budget

Your travel diary does not need to come with bankruptcy. Here are the best tricks to apply when traveling that will not break the bank.


Staying in one spot will let you find cheaper accommodation than three day stays. It also means that you can live like a local and go off the beaten path.


Stay in a hostel and enjoy the free food. You can also pack your bag full of goodies to take on your daily trips.


From working in hostels to pubs, manors and dog sitting for the rich and famous there are countless ways to work and travel at the same time.


Booking your trip in advance will go a long way in saving your cash. Prices tend to rise as time gets closer to the date of your trip, so book a little earlier and save a lot.


If you can work your way around with carry-on luggage you can set aside more money for other fun activities on your travels.


You will find the best kept travel secrets with those who have vast experience in the field. Apart from making new friends, people who are also traveling will let you in on thrifty travel secrets.


Tuesdays are the time to board the plane to your next destinations as on this day the prices are cheaper than any other time of the week.


Pack a snack in your bag to avoid costly restaurant foods that tend to rip your travel budget in half.


Buying food at the local markets not only meant that you will be eating fresh food and communicating with the locals, but saving your pennies too.


Lose all your calories from the fabulous food, see the sites and save money by walking around and not spending money on taxis and public transport.

Stick to these tips and find yourself saving while away.

5 Of the Best and Most Brilliant Christmas Travel Destinations That Will Leave You Breathless

Christmas and the holiday season in general is by far the most magical time of the year. If you are tired of spending the holidays within the same quarters ever year, this is your time to shine. So take a peek at our top picks which will make this year that much more special. Whether an independent traveller or part of a group, these places are sure to light your fire.


The spirit of Christmas has never been so alive as in the midst of London. The festive air filled with crisp temperatures will give you a whole new holiday experience. Try the hot chocolate at a little place called Said in Soho or do some window shopping and check out some of the most theatrical window displays on the planet. Go to the Christmas market on the South Bank or go ice skating in front of the Natural History Museum. The options are literally endless. If nothing else, you must walk all over and just take in the magic of the street lights all over London and you are set. Make sure to pack something warm though, as winter in London is well on its merry way during the silly season.


One of the most popular travel destinations during Christmas is the magical city of Paris. This is not a chance destination. Paris during this time has magic written all over it. From the obvious places you would think to visit such as the Eiffel Tower, which is extra festive during the Advent, there are other picturesque sites that you must not forgo. The dreamy decorations that cover the suburb of La Marais are divine. The department stores seem to have a battle between themselves as to which store will have the best Christmas arrangements. Check out the fabulous food and ride some of the many carousels that pop up around the place. Lastly take a stroll down the Champs-Élysées and pick up handmade goods from the markets for yourself and loved ones.


Like a destination straight out of a Disney movie, Moscow has all the sites that will help get you into the Christmas spirit. A particularly great traveling spot for children, or those of you who feel like that. The castles and churches are draped in lights and there are endless options for ice skating throughout the centre. If possible make sure to book tickets for the theatre or for one of their world famous ballet shows such as the nutcracker. Once again, Moscow is quite cold in winter so be sure to pack a scarf and some gloves.


The city that never sleeps offers countless things to do during the most magical time of year. See the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, check out the Sacks Fifth Avenue light show, send a letter to Santa Clause (which get sent to the North Pole) and go skating in Central Park. Hit the rooftop bars for some of the best hot chocolate on the planet.


Take a look at the glorious northern lights of Norway during the Christmas season and you can tell everyone you have been to the North Pole (it’s actually the Arctic Circle, but nobody needs to know). Grab a cable car and head to the mountain top or go dogsledding for an adventure you will never forget.

Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy some of the best sites the world has to offer during the most magical time of the year.